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Ilse Jodts is Belgian.  She is the owner and founder of the office. Ilse went to law school in Gent and moved to Spain in 1998.  In the beginning she went to work for her father who managed several real estate projects in Marbella. This is how she learned everything about the real estate process; from the outlining of the plans to the sale of properties.  Soon she found out that she excelled in offering legal advice to the buyers and she decided to work for Balms, one of the leading law firms in Marbella.  Ilse worked herself up to a top employee and saw an opportunity to set up her own company.  Ilse Jodts Legal & Taxes was born and is still one of the best-known and most reliable law firms in Marbella.

Legal - Commercial


Nathalie Bourdiaudhy is Belgian and she speaks Dutch, French, English and Spanish fluently.

Nathalie studied tourism  in Antwerp worked as a Customer Service Agent at Brussels Airport.  In 2011 she decided to move to Spain. Nathalie has been working for our office for more than 4 years, where she started at the reception.  Thanks to her eagerness to learn and her enthusiasm she worked herself up and became the hub of the office.

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Jasmin Spin is Dutch. She speaks fluent Dutch, English and Spanish.  Jasmin studied Law at the University of Surreys and at the University of Valladolid as an exchange student.  Jasmin is one of the most loyal employees of the office and has been working for more than 5 years for Ilse Jodts Legal & Taxes, S.L.  Jasmin covers the purchase/sales records of the clients.

Macarena Álvarez  is a lawyer and specialized in urban development.  Macarena is Spanish and comes from Marbella.  Moreover, she obtained a master's degree in urban planning.  She speaks English and Spanish.  In 2002 Macarena decided to focus exclusively on urban planning and legislation.


Maria Rueda Álvarez is a lawyer and has been active in the legal profession for more than15 years.  Maria is Spanish and comes from Marbella.  She speaks Spanish and English.  Maria specialized in civil and administrative law.  She started working for our office in 2016.



Eve Rosa Rojas is Spanish and speaks Spanish and English.

Eva obtained her Law degree at the university of Sevilla.  After that she followed a master education in Human Resources.  She gained professional experience in the financial sector and human resources and now has been working for over 15 years in legal services.  Eva deals with legal issues in the aftersales department.

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Susana Santiago De La Haba is Spanish and born and raised in Marbella.  She speaks Spanish and English.  Susana has been working for the office of Ilse Jodts since April 2013.  She is responsible for the administration of the aftersales department.  Susana also has excellent relations with the city council and with many utility companies in Marbella.

Sandra Sánchez Gil is Spanish and originally from Marbella.  She is specialized in personnel affairs and graduated in the (re)valuation of real estate.  She worked in real estate, a notary and in various legal offices.  She was also the person responsible for after sales in a Russian office. Sandra speaks Spanish and English.

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Mary Antonette Siodina is Filipino and speaks English and Spanish.  She obtained a master degree in business administration.  Antonette strengthened the after sales team in the autumn of 2018.  She mainly works as an administrative assistant for our various lawyers.

Accounting - Taxation

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Isabel María Quirós Candiles is Spanish and comes from Estepona.  She studied economics at the University of Málaga and followed a master's degree in accounting and taxation.  She gained her first work experience in the financial sector and has been working for our office for 4 years now.

Isabel speaks Spanish and English.



Antonia Curias is Belgian but has been living in Spain since 1979.   Antonia finished her studies in public relations in Anderlecht and has been working as a receptionist in the hotel sector for more than 20 years.  In november 2018 she decided that she needed a new challenge in her career and started to work for Ilse Jodts Legal & Taxes, S.L.  Antonia speaks Dutch, English, French and Spanish fluently.

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