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in the purchase/sale of property


Obtaining legal advice during the purchase/sale of property in Spain is almost a must.  The process of transferring property in Spain is quite complicated and differs from ours in many ways.  There are a number of parties involved in the process: the seller, their legal representative, the real estate agent, the accountant, the notary, the register, utility providers, the town hall of the municipality where the purchase is made, banks, and in some cases the local courts, regional authorities and even the neighbor of the seller.



Our staff will ensure that all parties are coordinated properly.  We investigate that you can purchase the property without incurring unpleasant surprises.

Where in the past the urban legislation was quite tricky sometimes, the purchase of property today is very reliable.  Purchase/sales contracts are redacted in such a manner that the consumer enjoys maximum protection.

But since a Spanish notary does not have the same authority as we know in our country, it is still necessary to examine a number of data.




  • we investigate the legal status of the property and of the promoter/seller, and inform the buyer/s of any problems that may affect the purchase decision or the conditions of the purchase.


  • we contact and negotiate with the seller/s and/or lawyers about the general conditions of the purchase contract and ensure that you comply with the applicable legislation.


  • we make the necessary preparations for the notary to smoothly complete the purchase, such as preparing powers of attorney (duly legalized and translated) to act on behalf of the buyers when they are abroad.


  • we are present at the completion process and ensure that property titles are correctly registered in the correct local land register and that the property is free of all costs and expenses, free from residents and tenants and is in line with the payment of the relevant taxes in reference to the purchase.


  • we ensure that you receive a NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) or the tax identification number for foreigners.


For a smooth mutual cooperation we need the following information from you:


- your complete personal details

- contact details of the agent/seller/promotor you are working with

- complete documentation in reference to the purchase


Our service is transparent because we work with fixed rates.  When applying for a quotation or a cost estimate, you will always know exactly what the costs will be for our legal assistance.

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